Team Composition Required to Develop a Website

Let’s focus on the team requirements if you want to build a  website from scratch. Start with an overview of a perfect web development team composition for your in-house team.

MemberPurpose and Cost in the USProject managerProject managers are responsible for overseeing the operations and development process.  They help with team management, communication while ensuring delivery on time.

Either you can hire a project manager on an hourly basis or create a contract. In any case, you are expecting to spend $5000 per month.

Business analystIf you want to be competitive and fight for your market share, you need a business analyst. An analyst is instrumental in avoiding design and development mistakes.

Furthermore, the role of a business analyst is transitionary. They start with reading the market and create apt functionality.

Then you can also expect them to help with creating sketches and identify the specifics of successful development.

The cost to hire a BA for your project will be $7,500 per month.

UX/UI designerIt is the primary aspect of understanding the cost of building a website. A designer is responsible for effective UI and UX design.

The work of a website designer can’t be measured without understanding the scope of the project. It all depends on the number of pages, functions, features, images, visuals, illustrations, animations, etc.

If you keep on adding these elements to the design, the work cost will also rise.

Then we also have the branding aspects like logo making. Either hire different people to work on these or get a single person to work on everything.

However, getting experts to deliver the graphics, layouts, mockups, wireframes, illustrations, animations, etc. will make the website development cost soar high.

To sum it up, an average level UX/UI designer will cost you $7,500 per month.

Tech leadThe tech lead is the person you call when the other technical team members need guidance and help.  Here, you are looking at an experienced person handling all the technical tasks associated with website creation.

And for a tech lead to work on your project, you can spend $10,500 per month.

Backend developerThe cost of backend developer’s expertise will depend on the number of third-party integrations and data processing tasks.

Backend and frontend tasks will take up the majority of the costs set for the website creation. The backend and frontend tasks are correlated with each other.

To hire a backend developer, you’ll spend $8,000 per month.

Frontend developerDue to the complexity of the website design and functions, the work scope of a frontend developer changes.  Furthermore, customizations also influence how much it costs to make a website for a business.

Plus, the number of pages, roles, user-interaction peripherals also have an impact on the costs.

There are a lot of aspects of a website that users interact with. There are profiles, chat, notifications, posts, comments, likes, analytics, CMS, emails, service pages, etc. Plus, with the type of website, these features can also change.

The website creation cost in this heading depends on the level of customization.

To hire a frontend developer, you’ll spend $7000 per month.

Markup developerA markup developer creates user-facing features on HTML or CSS. They are also good at building reusable code and component libraries.

The cost to hire a markup developer is $5000 per month.

QA testerThe testing and quality assurance person checks the performance, security, and functionality. Since the tester’s job is intricate, you should factor that additional time   to the overall project completion.

Combined with automatic testing with tools like JMeter, Selenium, and Swagger, they are also good at manual testing.

The monthly salary of a QA tester is $6000.


Team for a Corporate Website

Corporate websites usually have a pre-set customer pool to understand what their current and potential customers will like.

It means that building corporate websites does not require a business analyst.

Other than this, the team to build a corporate website consists of:

Project manager

UX/UI Designer

Markup developer

QA tester

Team for a Custom Website

Building a custom website is time-consuming, and the website creation cost is also high.

If you are serious about your business, then you need to go for custom website creation.

It is because you cannot compromise with:



UI and UX

Customer personas

Target audience

Business needs


To make things clear, here is your dream team for custom website creation:

Project manager

Business analyst

UX/UI designer


Backend developer

Frontend developer

Markup developer

QA tester



But besides the main costs of web development, some of the charges also impact the final cost of the web development process. These are hidden costs.

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