The Cost of Website Development Based on  the Team’s Kind

Type of team means how you will source the people to work on the project. There are four types of teams you can hire.  Also, the website creation cost for these teams is different.

Option 1. Build an In-House Team

The cost of a website depends on the team’s size and each new employee hired. Hiring an in-house team can be costly because you employ a group of people.

The average cost of hiring an in-house team can be around $500,000 per year to maintain your team’s salary, taxes, accounting costs, the office, and its maintenance. You can use this calculator to find out more.


The team knows your business

They know your business goals

They are available when you need them

Key-person risk

Limited area of expertise

You may feel the lack of available resources

It’s an expensive option

Option 2. Hire a Local Website Development Agency

Local agencies either charge on an hourly basis, or they work under a contract.

With an agency, you are looking to spend:

From $75,000 to $150,000 on design and development

Up to $60,000 per year on maintenance

Up to $225,000 on marketing

Added to these costs to build a website, there are various additional costs you have to bear.



No Communication Gap

Performant product delivery

Easy to hire


Low availability

Work on their terms

Takes more time

Option 3. Hire a Freelancer or a Freelance Team

A  freelance website developer can take up to $10,000 for the work. You can get a website designer for $250 to $2500.

Covering these high costs, you will be able to create a complex website for around $15,000.


Easy to source


Diversity and Experience

Flexibility in work

Reliability issues

Gaps in Communication

No guarantee you’ll get your project done

Option 4. Hire an Outsourcing Agency

Since outsourcing agencies have the right expertise, they will charge a little more than freelancers. But they charge way less than what the local US agencies might do.

So, if you are spending $100 per hour for a designer in the US, you will have to pay only $50 with the outsourced.

Hence, the website creation cost, which takes around 500 hours, will cost only $20,000 here.


Expertise and proficiency

Tech-agnostic development process

Seamless communication

One channel for all delivery

Dedicated team members for the project


Time gap

Difficult to source good agencies

Apart from understanding how much it costs to make a website by types of teams, we also need to estimate the cost according to its region.

The Cost of Website Development by the Team’s Region

The region where you decide to outsource the web development team or form your in-house team also impacts the final cost of the website development.

Let’s see how the rates of the web development team differ around the world.

The regionThe cost per hourAustralia$80 – $120The USA$100 – $150The UK$90 – $130Western Europe$70 – $100Ukraine$40 – $80India$10 – $30

You should also take in mind that these numbers are relative and differ from project to project.


Let’s explore some examples of costs involved in some successful web development projects.

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